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Sleep Consulting Services

Parenting is HARD,

Sleep doesn't have to be!

On those rough days, having a solid foundation for sleep and knowing that your little one

and you can be well rested will make those days a little easier.

Empowering tired families to get the rest and support they deserve!

The Restful Haus 
3 week program


ages 4 month - 6 years


Following my 5 steps to sleep success program, we will achieve the goals we set together to make your house, a Restful Haus. If you are ready for a sleep transformation in your household, this program is for you. 

Do you want to chat before starting? 

Book your sleep assessment call where we will talk about your challenges, your goals and I can answer any questions about my program.

Benefits of
sleep training

  • Restful night's sleep

  • Strong bedtime routine

  • Less tears over sleep

  • Less stress

  • More time for YOU

  • More enjoyable family time

  • And much more

Raising a Newborn
Toddler with Wooden Toys

Consultation Call


During this 45 minute call, come with all of your questions regarding your child's sleep.

Who is this for:

This option is great for those new parents who want to start sleep shaping during the 4th trimester. This option is best for children over 4 months old who have established healthy sleep habits and need troubleshooting.

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