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Sleep Consulting Services

Parenting is HARD,

Sleep doesn't have to be!

On those rough days, having a solid foundation for sleep and knowing that your little one

and you can be well rested will make those days a little easier.

I am passionate about helping parents through the ups & downs of parenthood

by focusing on healthy sleep habits so they can have happy, well rested children.

Imagine if ... 

 . . . you had time for YOU at the end of the day?

. . . you had time at the end of the day to spend with your partner?

. . .you woke up feeling energized?

. . . you could go out on date night and leave your child with someone else to put them to bed?

. . . you didn't have to do it alone?

Raising a Newborn
Toddler with Wooden Toys

What if ...

. . . your child slept through the night?

. . .your child stopped fighting bedtime?

. . . your child had predictable naps?

. . . your child had less temper tantrums?

. . . your child fell asleep without you laying with them?

The Restful Haus 
3 week program

best for ages 4 month - 7 years

Following my 5 steps to sleep success program, we will achieve the goals we set together to make your house, a Restful Haus. If you are ready for a sleep transformation in your household, this program is for you. 

How my process works:

1. Sleep Assessment

After you have hire me, I will send you a detailed sleep assessment questionnaire reviewing your current sleep challenges, your sleep goals and your parenting style so I can create a personalized sleep plan for you and your child.

2. Phone Consultation

Once you have received your personalized sleep plan, you will schedule your phone consultation to review your sleep plan. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the plan.

3. Three Weeks of Support

You will have 3 weeks of text and voice support with me. I will be there to help troubleshoot and keep you on track while you implement your sleep plan. I will provide support, advice and encouragement during your time together.

4. Your Success

You will feel empowered and confident about sleep in your house! You will have reached your goals that we have set together.

5. One Year of Follow up Support

I want you to be set up for long term success! You will receive 4 emails to be used within one year of completion of the Restful Haus program. These can be used for sleep regression questions, schedule shifts, travel questions and beyond!

Book your free sleep assessment call where we will talk about your challenges, your goals and I can answer any questions about my program.


*payment plans available*

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