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Dreaming of a Restful night?
Restful Haus is here to help!

Are you exhausted? overwhelmed? confused? If your child's sleep can seem like all of those things (and more) then you are in the right place! As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, I am here to help give you the tools to create healthy sleep habits that will last your child a lifetime. 



Hey there! I'm Danielle Ubhaus, wife, mom to 4 little girls and Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

Parenting is hard! Sleep doesn't have to be! I am passionate about normalizing the normal ups and downs of parenthood with a focus on healthy happy sleep! Together, we can give your child the lifelong benefit of healthy sleep. 

Sleep Consulting

Danielle Ubhaus

Parenting is hard. I help with those hard moments! At the Restful Haus, I help parents who feel tired, overwhelmed and who are struggling to find the best solutions to their children's sleep struggles and turn them into empowered, rested parents. I guide parents through a client lead approach to turn your house, into a Restful Haus.

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