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Ways to work with me!

Lactation Support

I am currently working through my Certified Lactation Counselor program and will be looking to work virtually with moms to gain training hours. I firmly believe that your feeding journey is individual to you and your mental health matters! Want to chat more? DM on Instagram to chat about options!

Sleep Consulting

This 1:1 sleep coaching program is for families who have children ages 4 months - 4 years who are currently struggling with falling asleep independently, co-sleeping, waking multiple times overnight, early morning wakes, crappy naps or just overall "not a good sleeper" (how many times have you said that!?)

Newborn Packages

These 1:1 offerings are for parents who have newborns ages 0-12 weeks. Stop going down the good rabbit hole and put your sleep bestie on speed dial! 

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