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Transforming your Littes Sleep

Parenting is HARD,

Sleep doesn't have to be!

Hey tired mamas! I get it – those chaotic days feel like a marathon.

Picture this: you, your little sidekick, and a solid snooze foundation.

Imagine the power of waking up rested,

conquering the day with zero kid-induced chaos!

As a mom of 4, trust me, I've danced with the sleep-deprivation devil

more times than I'd like to admit.

Cranky kiddos? Been there.

Overstimulated meltdowns? Oh, the stories I could tell!

But guess what? You don't have to navigate motherhood like a caffeine-fueled zombie.

Sleep struggles aren't a parenthood initiation, okay?


Let's kick those restless nights to the curb! I'm all about helping you

conquer the parenting rollercoaster with a focus on sleep wizardry.

Say goodbye to tired tantrums and hello to happy, well-rested kiddos!

Imagine if ... 

 . . . you had time for YOU at the end of the day?

. . . you had time at the end of the day to spend with your partner?

. . .you woke up feeling energized?

. . . you could go out on date night and leave your child with someone else to put them to bed?

. . . you didn't have to do it alone?

Raising a Newborn
Well Rested Mamas

"My husband and I spent HOURS trying to get our son to sleep...We were convinced that our son just wasn’t a good sleeper ... After just two days we started seeing improvements...Two weeks later and we went from multiple wake ups during the night and hardly any sleep at daycare, to sleeping through the night with ZERO wake ups and good naps at daycare."

Caitlin & 10 month old

Toddler with Wooden Toys

What if ...

. . . your child slept through the night?

. . .your child stopped fighting bedtime?

. . . your child had predictable naps?

. . . your child had less temper tantrums?

. . . your child fell asleep without you laying with them?

21 day Snooze Shift Program

best for ages 4 months - 4 years

Let's be honest, your kid is a shitty sleeper

and you're ready for the crappy sleep to end!  

Following my signature 21 day snooze shift program,

we will go from shitty sleep to happy sleep! 

How my process works:

1. Sleep Assessment

When we start working together, you will fill out a detailed intake form so I can learn more about your kiddo, your family and your lifestyle! 

2. Phone Consultation

Let's kick off better sleep with a detailed play by play call!

3. Three Weeks of Support

The special sauce - 3 weeks of daily text and voice support - no more going down the google rabbit hole (peace out Dr Google)

4. Your Success

A great nights sleep isn't as far away as you think! You/ll see success within the first week!

5. One Year of Follow up Support

I set you up for long term success, think sleep regression questions, schedule shifts, travel questions and beyond!

You receive 4 follow-up calls!

Let's get the late night party

(sans kids) started! 


*payment plans available*

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