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Danielle & family

Dee Ubhaus

Certified Children's Sleep Coach

& CLC in training

Hey there! I'm Dee - wife and mom to the fantastic four! I'm all about the zzz's, not just for me and the hubs but for the little rascals too. Originally a Jersey girl, we packed up in 2019 and landed in the Denver metro area, chasing dreams and dodging snowballs.

With four littles practically on top of each other in age, I quickly realized that mastering the art of sleep was the key to keeping me and the hubby from turning into sleep-deprived zombies for our kiddos.


Fast forward to 2021, after popping out our last bundle of joy (& my 4th c-section), I decided it was time to pay it forward and help other parents navigate the sleepy jungle!

In early 2022, I dove headfirst into certification land, and by April 2022, I proudly earned my stripes as a certified sleep guru through CPSM.


But, education is a never-ending adventure! So, come May 2023, I received my Special Needs Sleep Certification from IPSP because why stop at just being good when you can be awesome?

Since I have such a passion to help moms, I decided to start my CLC program in March of 2024! Every feeding journey is different and I want to support YOU as a mom, on your journey without the lactivist crap. I, diving into everything mom related from prenatal to 4 years; I want to be your go to mama bestie on speed dial! We're in this together, and we're going to conquer it all!

Now, let's talk about my sleep squad – my kids. They've taken me on a wild ride through the land of nod. Firstborn? A total snooze champion, jackpot style! Number two? She was the sleep troublemaker, paving the way for my sleep expertise. Number three? That's when I got into the whole newborn sleep shaping thing. And then there's the fourth, who taught me the real nitty-gritty of nursing and sleep – no holds barred!

But let's keep it real – I'm a bona fide mom. Some days I've got this mom-hood thing nailed; other days, I'm counting down the minutes until bedtime rescue arrives. The kiddos are knee-deep in activities, and some days I feel like a chauffeur on speed.


On the flip side, there are those glorious days when I let them run wild, overdose on TV, munch on all the snacks, while I drown out their bickering with my trusty headphones. Who knew that four girls, ages 2 to 8, could dish out so much drama so young? Haha, the joys!

When I'm not doing the mom hustle, I'm a foodie (thanks to my chef dad and hubs), a semi-avid reader, a beach lover, and a couch potato late night. Bonus points if I fall asleep during our show – it's the ultimate mom achievement, right? Let's keep this mom life real and fun! 🌟😴

Fun Fact: My Jersey accent was so thick when I was younger, I truly didn't know there was an -er and the end of the word drawer - It's a draw! Fuggetaboutit! 


my philosphy

Parenting is hard! Sleep can be hard but doesn't have to be! Ever since becoming a mama in 2015, I feel strongly about normalizing the normal! Not every day is perfect when you have one (or more!) littles ones at foot! Somedays you feel like you have conquered the world and other days you felt yourself spinning in circles. We've all been there; I still have days like that! 

Even on those rough days, having a solid foundation for sleep and knowing that your little one and you can be well rested can make or break those spinning in circles type of days. I empower families who are ready for a sleep transformation to get the support they deserve while also getting the rest that they need to be the best versions of themselves for their children, partners, families and friends. 

Let's make your house a Restful Haus!

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