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Danielle Ubhaus

Certified Children's Sleep Coach

HI! I'm Danielle - wife - mama to 4 little ones - restful sleep enthusiast (for kiddos and adults). Having 4 kiddos close in age, I knew *good* sleep was going to be crucial in both myself and my husband being the best versions of ourselves for our kids. Once we had our last child in 2021, I knew that I wanted to start my journey to help other parents and caregivers!

In the beginning of 2022, I embarked on my certification and received my full certification in April of 2022 through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management While studying, I also helped families with one on one support to further my knowledge. Since launching my business in May of 2022, I have been helping families have restful days and nights! I am originally from New Jersey but am currently residing in Colorado with my husband and our four daughters. 

my philosphy

Parenting is hard! Sleep can be hard but doesn't have to be! Ever since becoming a mama in 2015, I feel strongly about normalizing the normal! Not every day is perfect when you have one (or more!) littles ones at foot! Somedays you feel like you have conquered the world and other days you felt yourself spinning in circles. We've all been there; I still have days like that! 

Even on those rough days, having a solid foundation for sleep and knowing that your little one and you can be well rested can make or break those spinning in circles type of days. I empower families who are ready for a sleep transformation to get the support they deserve while also getting the rest that they need to be the best versions of themselves for their children, partners, families and friends. 

Let's make your house a Restful Haus!

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