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Navigating Sleep Training: A Real Moms Guide

Updated: Apr 18

Ah, the elusive realm of sleep – a topic that resonates with every parent, especially the moms who find themselves on a quest for the golden key to a full night's rest. As a seasoned mom who has weathered the storm of sleepless nights, I'm here to share some real mom vibes about different sleep training methods.

In case you missed it, I’m a mom of 4 littles. I have sleep trained all of my kids at different ages, the youngest I sleep trained was 4.5 months and the oldest I sleep trained one of my kids was 21 months. Just because I sleep trained my kids young-ish does NOT to mean that you can’t sleep train older! I work with children primarily ages 12 months to 4 years but have worked with 6 year olds too!

Here are 6 sleep training method options. There is no one size fits all and most of the time when I work with my 1:1 coaching clients, I use a variety of methods since each child is their own individual! You have to do what’s best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

Just because your friend used cry-it-out, does not mean you need to if it doesn’t feel good to you! You may have family and friends who don’t sleep train and that’s okay!

This is about what’s best for you and your family!  

1. Cry It Out – The Controversial Lullaby:

Imagine a tiny ship adrift in the vast sea of sleep, gently swaying to the rhythm of cries. The "Cry It Out" method is a polarizing choice among parents, invoking emotions as turbulent as the seas themselves. Advocates argue that it teaches self-soothing, while skeptics worry about the emotional toll. Real moms? Well, we've sailed these waters, and let me tell you – the tears may sting, but the serenity that follows is often worth the storm.

2. Fade Out – The Gradual Lullaby:

For those who prefer a smoother voyage into dreamland, the "Fade Out" method is a gentle breeze in the sleep training seas. It involves gradually reducing your involvement in the bedtime routine until your little one can drift off independently. Real moms appreciate the subtlety of this approach – a gradual retreat from the frontlines of bedtime battles.

3. Check and Console – The Midnight Harbor Patrol:

In the dark hours when the moon reigns supreme, the "Check and Console" method offers a lifeline to moms navigating choppy sleep waters. This method involves periodic check-ins without picking up your little sailor, offering comfort through presence alone. Real moms find solace in knowing their child is not adrift in the sea of night, even if they're not being rescued from every wave.

4. The Chair Method – A Sentinel in the Night:

A stoic sentinel in the night, the "Chair Method" involves sitting quietly by the crib or bed until your little one drifts off. Gradually, the chair moves farther away, creating a bridge to independence. Real moms may find solace in this method, as it provides a tangible link between the comfort of presence and the eventual freedom of sleep.

5. Shush and Pat – The Sleepy Symphony:

Picture a gentle lullaby, whispered into the quiet night – that's the "Shush and Pat" method. Real moms adore the simplicity of this approach, involving rhythmic sounds and gentle pats to lull their little ones to sleep. It's a symphony of comfort that transforms the bedtime routine into a tranquil, soothing experience.

6. Pick Up Put Down – The Dance of the Night:

In the dance between wakefulness and slumber, the "Pick Up Put Down" method offers a tender embrace. This method entails picking up your child when they cry and putting them down once they calm. Real moms see it as a delicate dance – a comforting waltz that eases their little ones into the sweet embrace of sleep.

As moms, we're all navigating the uncharted waters of sleep training, each method a unique constellation in the vast nighttime sky. Whether it's the tearful symphony of "Cry It Out" or the gentle breeze of the "Fade Out" method, remember, fellow moms, that you are the captains of your ship. Embrace the methods that resonate with your family, knowing that every sleep-training journey is a personal voyage.

If you are ready to start sleep training but you are unsure and saying “where the hell do I start?” Click here to book a free 20 minute sleep assessment call! We will talk all things kids sleep and I will share how my 1:1 coaching program will be a great fit to start your sleep training journey!

Remember, we are all riding this mamahood journey together! 🫶🏼

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