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When to should hire a Sleep Consultant & 6 benefits of sleep training

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

You are exhausted. You feel like you don't know where to start when it comes to sleep training. Maybe you tried sleep training and it didn't work.

Here is when you should hire a sleep consultant and 6 benefits you will experience once you and your child are sleeping better.

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What is sleep training? And why do some parents shy away from sleep training while others want to start sleep shaping from day 1.?

Sleep training is helping a child learn to fall asleep independently. It does not mean you have to leave your child crying for hours. Some parents are misinformed about sleep training and the many methods available. Some parents only think it is extinction, also known as cry it out. That couldn't be further than the truth! Some parents have great sleepers. That's great! We cannot predict which child will be a great sleeper and which child will need help learning how to fall asleep independently. But, what we do know, is that there are a variety of methods that can be used to sleep train and that each child can be sleep trained. Wanting or needing to sleep train your child does not mean you are neglecting your child or failing as a parent. Quite the opposite actually! It means you want the best for your child!

Sleep training doesn't mean night weaning either. See my post on Instagram about sleep training while night weaning. While you are over there, click the follow button for more tips about sleep and your child!

What is a pediatric sleep consultant and how can I help you?

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I spent the early part of 2022 studying through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. In addition to the course, where I was presented with a vast wealth of information, I read a multitude of books on sleep, from newborn sleep all through toddler and preschooler sleep. Using the additional information I obtained, I was able to successfully finish my case studies and pass the course. Once I graduated, I started working with families 1:1 to gain further knowledge and expertise in the field. Since launching my sleep consulting business in May of 2022, I have helped many families become a well rested home.

I use my personal experience, as a mom of 4 (21 months - 7 years), in addition to my formal training to create a sleep plan individualized for you and your child. I learn about you and your child to choose methods that align with your core family values to help, and support you, through my 3 week program.

Parenting is hard! Sleep doesn't have to be! I am passionate about normalizing parenthood with a focus on healthy happy sleep! I empower exhausted families who are ready to prioritize sleep! I give you the support that you deserve and the rest that you need! If you are ready to chat about your challenges, share your goals and learn more about my 5 step program, click here to book your 20 minute sleep assessment call!

Now that you know what sleep training is and how I can help as a sleep consultant, let's dive into knowing when to hire a sleep consultant!

When sleep is no longer working in your home!

This may sound like a big eye roll but, if nothing changes, nothing changes. You deserve to have support in sleep training your child! As parents, we give our children all the support in the world and bring them here and there for any extra help they need, why not give YOURSELF support as you support your child as they learn to fall asleep independently.

You have tried sleep training and you were unsuccessful.

Maybe you have tried sleep training but were unsuccessful. You didn't know when to adjust your child's schedule to less naps, early bedtime, late bedtime. You didn't have the full support of your partner. Maybe you didn't have anyone to vent to when you were trying to get your child to sleep.

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctors book" – Irish Proverb

You are overwhelmed with all your choices.

There is a lot of information out there! Between sleep books, many different methods and the google rabbit hole, how do you know which option is best for you? Do you listen to your friends and what worked for their baby or do you have trouble trying that method? Maybe you have a toddler or preschooler and they can get out of their room, how do you hold boundaries around sleep? I have the knowledge, and I have the experience, to help you in your sleep training journey.

You are sleep deprived.

If you are sleep deprived, guaranteed your child is too! Sleep helps us manage our days. When you are sleep deprived, you cannot be the best version of yourself for your child, for your partner or for yourself. Your child is cranky during the day, bedtime is a struggle and it's a vicious cycle. You are ready to break that cycle!

You are prioritizing sleep.

Maybe you aren't at your breaking point, maybe you are. Maybe sleep is okay in your house but it could be better, maybe you can't remember the last time that you slept more than 2 hours at a time. If you are ready to prioritize sleep; then you are ready to hire a sleep consultant!

Now what are 6 benefits of sleep training?

  1. A well rested house. When your house is well rested, your house will have more energy the next day. When we have more energy, we can accomplish more, we can be more present for our children.

  2. Smooth routines. No more tears at nap time or bedtime. No prolonged bedtime routines. No more feeding or rocking to sleep. We thrive on routine. Our children thrive on routine. When there are strong routines in place, and when our children know what is expected each day and night, there are less tantrums about bedtime. Click here to read my blog post on establishing bedtime routines.

  3. Less stress over adequate sleep. It is stressful constantly worrying about whether your child takes a good nap or when they should go down for their next nap. It's stressful when your child wakes early and you don't know how to fix it. With my program, not only do we spend 3 weeks getting your child to the goals that we set together, you get one year of additional support if schedule shifts, regressions or any other questions arise.

  4. More time for YOU. What if you could enjoy your evenings again? Spend some much needed alone time with your partner? Put your child to bed and enjoy a nice soak in the tub with a glass of wine? Binge your favorite show with some ice cream? All of these are possible when you sleep train!

  5. More enjoyable family time. Friday night pizza and game night. Sweet cuddles after a long day. Talking about your child's day at dinner. Movie night. Some of these moments are a dream to even think about. Witching hour turns into two or three hours. You start dreading bedtime around lunchtime. When we put routines in place and everyone in the house is sleeping better, witching hour(s) will turn into enjoyable hour(s) spent as a family.

  6. Better temperaments in the house. Babies cry, toddlers have tantrums, we lose patience. When routines are strong, when sleep is adequate, temperaments reflect that. Less crying, less tantrums, less meltdowns, less yelling, more patience.

Are you ready to prioritize sleep in your home? I am here to help! If you are ready to talk to me about your sleep challenges, your sleep goals and to hear about my 5 step sleep program - book a sleep assessment call with me! I can answer any other question you may have. Let's make your house a Restful Haus!

Wishing you restful sleep,

xo Danielle


Danielle Ubhaus, The Restful Haus, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

About Danielle: Danielle is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach and founder of The Restful Haus, where she helps families 1:1 with their children ages 0 - 6 years old. She is a New Jersey native and currently resides in Colorado with her husband and 4 daughters (ranging from 21 months to 7 years old). She enjoys spending time with her family, the Jersey Shore, music, traveling with her husband + kiddos and on the rare occasion, sitting down to read a murder mystery book.

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